Posted by: Larry | March 29, 2010

Ecology or Eschatology ?

Many international groups are very concerned with saving our planet, but is this something that can be attained? According to Biblical prophecy, during the Great Tribulation, as told in the book of Revelation, the earth will suffer much more catastrophic destruction than man with all his all-consuming ways could ever have accomplished. When the church of Jesus Christ, (those true believers that have made Him Lord of their lives), are taken out of this earth instantaneously, the destruction count down will begin. During this time there will be no group or force on this earth that can prevent it, God is bound by His own words and His very nature demands this must come to pass. With this in mind, I would say that it is a much more worthy cause to save the people than to save this planet. Of course we our to take care of what God has given us, certainly we do not want to waste, abuse or pollute the earth, but what about the bigger picture. Bible prophecy tells us that God will create a new Heaven and a new Earth, that will remain perfect for all eternity, maybe being so consumed with keeping this old Earth is like beating a dead horse. At the first coming of Jesus Christ He came to seek and to save, at His second coming He will come to search and destroy. He came 2000 years ago as the lamb of God to save all who would receive the gift of His sacrifice for humanity, but He is coming again as the Lion of Judah to Judge those left in the world. I would not like to imagine how He will take it if man is more concerned about the creation, (Earth) than the Creator (Jesus). We should not be deceived with all the distractions that the prince of darkness invents, to draw people away from a savior who desires to only give you life eternal. Make no mistake, what we do with Jesus now will echo in eternity, oh yes eternity, all humans are created eternal and will spend eternity in one of two places, either in God’s presence or in the place created to hold Satan and his angels (Hell). Thats right, Hell was never intended for humans, but humans that reject Jesus will end up there.

Many see a great urgency to save our planet, all the while heading to a ghastly place that they were never intended to go. Have you ever seen a beautiful rainbow, that is God’s promise from the ancient flood that our planet will not be destroyed again, but some day it will come close, and then be made new again, under the rule of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. All who receive Him will rule in this new earth with Him.

Although Ecology is a good thing, it’s not the best thing. It may be time for you to find out what will last and what will not.

Larry Wagner


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